World Library and Information Congress: 76th IFLA General Conference and Assembly

Nästa vecka kommer att präglas av rapporteringar från IFLA-mötet i Göteborg.

Jag har plockat ut några seminarier och papers som jag är speciellt intresserad av. Några av presentationerna kommer jag att lyssna på, men långtifrån alla.

Drew Smith: Using Social Networking Tools to Promote Genealogy and Local History Collections and to Instruct Researchers in Their Use

Lisbeth Forslund: Museums, Libraries and Archives (MLA) in Collaboration to Meet the Needs of Users

David Ricardo Ramírez Ordóñez: “Multimedia production in colombian public libraries” Using Creative Commons in public libraries to increase multimedia open content

Pål Lykkja and Øystein Jakobsen: Genero: A Way Out of the Copyright Dilemma

Dr. Harriet Sonne de Torrens: FADIS the Canadian Alternative: Collaboration and Common Practices

Kirsten Boelt and Bente Bruun: Strongest together: One child – two libraries…because less won’t do! New forms of cooperation between school library and public library

Paulette Stewart and Mavis Williams: Learn to read-read to learn @your library: public and school library partnership

Olivier Charbonneau: Creative Commons Licenses: Strategic implications for National Libraries

Maija Berndtson: Libraries Promoting Multimodal Literacy in an Intercultural Society

Jonathan Hernández: The interactions between Google and librarianship: The Experience of Mexico

Kate Williams: The CyberNavigators of Chicago Public Library and the ‘informatics moment’: On a budget, democratizing information flows in low-income neighborhoods

Päivikki Karhula: Controversies of the new information environment – kiss goodbye for privacy

Claudio Vandi: How to create new services between Library Resources, Museum Exhibitions and Virtual Collections