SPLQ om bibliotekspersonalens kompetenser

Decembernumret av SPLQ (Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly) har som tema bibliotekspersonalens professionella kompetenser.

Jens Thorshauge på danska Bibliotek & Media identifierar åtta typer av professionell kompetens:

1) The ability to acquire knowledge and use it for change and development.

2) The ability to handle the many relations involved in creating a dedicated and relevant service profile.

3) The ability to handle a dialogue between a multitude of attitudes and values and establish and communicate a platform for the library services recognized by staff as well as by the public.

4. Skills in instruction, teaching and intermediary activities. These skills should be seen in relation to the growing need for supporting media and digital literacy on many levels, for supporting the ongoing process of transforming the library space in appealing and inclusive ways.

5) Skills in marketing are generally recognized as necessary, and public libraries’ marketing have developed in recent years, but there is still room for improvement.

6) Updated competences in ICT for all staff members will in the coming years be crucial for the transformation of the library in a way that matches new services competing with library services.

7) Professional competences in various subject fields are traditionally core competences in libraries and will still be needed.

8) Skills in leadership and management are becoming more important the faster the conditions for running library services change.

Övrigt av intresse:

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SPLQ om sociala teknologier

Senaste numret av Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly finns nu att ladda ner (600 kB, pdf). Det är ett temanummer om sociala teknologier – dvs mycket Bibliotek 2.0.

Själv har jag bidragit med en artikel om interaktion (102 Kb, pdf) och bibliotek (tack till alla er som gett input! Ni vet själva vilka jag menar) och Anna-Stina har skrivit om Facebook.