Kista Idea Lab

Virve Miettinen intervjuar Åke Nygren och Hanna Westöö om Kista Media Lab Kista Idea Lab under IFLA-mötet i Göteborg:

”Kista Idea Lab is a re:library thinktank for mobile workflow and collaborative learning in one of the most multilingual and multitechnological areas of the world. Åke Nygren and Hanna Westöö tells about all the exciting development projects that Kista Idea Lab is producing.”

Vodpod-video är inte längre tillgängliga.

Kista Idea Lab, posted with vodpod

World Library and Information Congress: 76th IFLA General Conference and Assembly

Nästa vecka kommer att präglas av rapporteringar från IFLA-mötet i Göteborg.

Jag har plockat ut några seminarier och papers som jag är speciellt intresserad av. Några av presentationerna kommer jag att lyssna på, men långtifrån alla.

Drew Smith: Using Social Networking Tools to Promote Genealogy and Local History Collections and to Instruct Researchers in Their Use

Lisbeth Forslund: Museums, Libraries and Archives (MLA) in Collaboration to Meet the Needs of Users

David Ricardo Ramírez Ordóñez: “Multimedia production in colombian public libraries” Using Creative Commons in public libraries to increase multimedia open content

Pål Lykkja and Øystein Jakobsen: Genero: A Way Out of the Copyright Dilemma

Dr. Harriet Sonne de Torrens: FADIS the Canadian Alternative: Collaboration and Common Practices

Kirsten Boelt and Bente Bruun: Strongest together: One child – two libraries…because less won’t do! New forms of cooperation between school library and public library

Paulette Stewart and Mavis Williams: Learn to read-read to learn @your library: public and school library partnership

Olivier Charbonneau: Creative Commons Licenses: Strategic implications for National Libraries

Maija Berndtson: Libraries Promoting Multimodal Literacy in an Intercultural Society

Jonathan Hernández: The interactions between Google and librarianship: The Experience of Mexico

Kate Williams: The CyberNavigators of Chicago Public Library and the ‘informatics moment’: On a budget, democratizing information flows in low-income neighborhoods

Päivikki Karhula: Controversies of the new information environment – kiss goodbye for privacy

Claudio Vandi: How to create new services between Library Resources, Museum Exhibitions and Virtual Collections

IFLA Public Library Service Guidelines

Lagom till IFLA-mötet i Göteborg har de fräschat upp sina rekommendationer för folkbibliotek:

”The public library is the prime community access point designed to respond to a multitude of ever-changing information needs. These guidelines are framed to provide assistance to library and information professionals in most situations. They assist to better develop effective services, relevant collections, and accessible formats within the context and requirements of the local community. In this exciting and complex information world it is important for professionals in search of knowledge, information and creative experience to succeed.”

This is the 2nd edition of The Public Library Service IFLA/UNESCO Guidelines for Development.