New literacies, learning, and libraries: How can frameworks from other fields help us think about the issues? (In the Library With the Lead Pipe)

QR Codes in Libraries: Some Examples (Public Libraries Online)

Innovative library services “in the wild” (Libraries in the Digital Age)

A Librarian’s Guide to Makerspaces: 16 Resources (iLibrarian)

A first digital library at an US train station launches in Philadelphia (Ebook Friendly)

Franzen Comes Alive: A Playlist for GONE GIRL
Franzen Comes Alive is a series of book-related playlists (Book Riot)

QR Codes in the Library: Are They Worth the Effort? Analysis of a QR Code Pilot Project (DASH)

Build Your Own Neighborhood Library (The Ticker)
Free Little Libraries

Using Storify to market upwards in your library (The Library Marketing Toolkit)

Check These Out at the Library: Blacksmithing, Bowling, Butchering 
To Draw Crowds, Some Facilities Offer Much More Than Books; Expanding the Tool Selection (Wall Street Journal)

Duct Tape, 3D Printing, and Libraries of the Future (Virtual Dave)

Reimagining the public library – a makerspace option (librarian.net)

Library Media Box and Other Vending Machines (Swiss Army Librarian)

Library Innovation Labs and Incubators (Stephen’s Lighthouse)

Contemporary Dance at Flushing Library (The Library as Incubator Project)

Hush, A Silent Disco by Gawker Media at the New York Public Library


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