Läget (för biblioteksverksamheterna) i USA

The Conversation: How the FBI knew what to search for at Mar-a-Lago – and why the Presidential Records Act is an essential tool for the National Archives and future historians

The Guardian: The right in the US has a new bogeyman: libraries
Lite ledsam läsning. ”Neo-Nazis and Proud Boys are targeting libraries, as legislators and conservative lobby groups are trying to remove books from shelves and change how library board members are appointed.”

NBC News: Texas school district pulls 400 books from library shelves for review after legislator’s inquiry
”The books featured on the legislator’s list cover topics such as racial and gender equality, sexual orientation and abortion.”

Huffpost: The Right-Wing Plot To Destroy Public Libraries

Bridge Michigan: Upset over LGBTQ books, a Michigan town defunds its library in tax vote

Gale: As U.S. Political Polarization Grows, the Political Extremism and Radicalism Database Can Help Counter What Is an Alarming Trend

Bookriot: South Carolina Senator Demands Book Removal; Threatens Public Library Jobs and Funding

Vice: District Attorney Considers Prosecuting Librarians for Stocking LGBTQ Books

…och till sist, tidningen Houston Chronicle, har satt samman en lika deprimerande som sökbar databas över vilka böcker som förbjudits eller planerar att förbjudas på skolorna i Texas, See every book Texas schools banned and challenged in our interactive database


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