Bibliotek är inte Schweiz?

Det vill säga bibliotek är inte alltid neutrala – och förmodligen gäller det även många andra bibliotek än folkbibliotek. Rick Anderson problematiserar frågan om bibliotek och neutralitet på The Scholary Kitchen: Libraries and the Contested Terrain of “Neutrality”.

”The fact that there are some ways in which the library is not and must not be neutral should not give cover to practices or programs that create bias in areas where the library is and must be neutral.”

”For example: if the question is “Do libraries take a neutral stance on the issue of literacy?”, then the answer is clearly no. Libraries actively promote literacy, and treat illiteracy as a problem to be solved. If the question is “Do libraries take a neutral stance on the issue of racial diversity?”, then again the answer is clearly no…” (Min anmärkning: Det kan ju också handla om t ex den aktivism som finns hos en del biblioteksanställda om öppen tillgång till vetenskapliga tidskriftsartiklar)

Mer läsning:

  1. David Lankes: The Battle for the Soul of the Library: A Response
    ”Librarians are not, and have never been neutral. They are human, and human beings are driven by conscious and unconscious bias. But rather than debate the point, let me posit we don’t want librarians to be neutral. We want librarians to work to make our communities better. We want our libraries to help communities make smarter decisions and to help community members find meaning.”
  2. John Wenzler: Neutrality and Its Discontents: An Essay on the Ethics of Librarianship (Libraries and the Academy, Volume 19, Number 1, January 2019)


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