Mer om bibliotek som slopar avgifter för försenade böcker

BookRiot Times Are Changing: Covid-19 and Library Late Fees

”And yet, as Sabrina Unrein states in the opening of her report, “Overdue Fines: Advantages, Disadvantages, and How Eliminating Them Can Benefit Public Libraries,” libraries have traditionally also had an aspect of public shame associated with them. After all, what happens when you speak too loudly in the library? Or when you return your books late? You may earn yourself at best a stern look from the librarian, and at worst a serious shushing or talking-to. The modern library is moving away from this model in many ways; it is becoming more of a community center, where those who want to read or study quietly can still usually find a room, and fines are well on their way to being eliminated.”

Och kolla in den här kartan över bibliotek (framför allt i USA och Kanada) som tagit bort av gifterna: Fine Free Map och se hur rörelsen ökar. Kanske något för de svenska bibliotek som tar bort förseningsavgifterna att anmäla sig till?


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