Dagens bibliotekslänk: Technological Lessons from the Pandemic

LibrarianShipwreck: Technological Lessons from the Pandemic (lång läsning)

”The pandemic cannot tell us what the precise moment was in the last ten, twenty, thirty, or forty years when digital technologies ceased being merely ascendant and became truly dominant—but the pandemic makes it very clear that regardless of when that shift occurred, we (at least in many places) are now living in the computerized age.”

  • The computers have won
  • The pandemic has been a technological accelerant
  • Technological shifts in the pandemic have made many things more accessible
  • The pandemic has made clear that technological access is not equal
  • Misinformation and disinformation are not new phenomena, but digital technology has super-charged them
  • The pandemic showed that the longing for a techno-scientific solution is widespread
  • The pandemic has shown the folly of counting on techno-scientific solutions
  • Many of us are eager to stop having to live our lives through computer screens


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