Dagens bibliotekslänk: Om intern kommunikation på folkbibliotek

Library Leadership & Managemanent

Diana K. Wakimoto: Exploring Internal Communication in Public Libraries: Challenges and
Opportunities for Library Leaders

”Effective internal communication is essential to library staff being able to fulfill their duties,
work together as a cohesive unit, and carry out the library’s mission. However, there is often a
lack of coordinated focus on clear internal communication that includes all staff members in
libraries. This can create environments where there is disconnect among staff and library
departments leading to rumor mills and lowering morale. This exploratory study looked at the
current state of internal library communications in public libraries and ideas to improve internal
communications. Library leadership has the potential to create environments and cultures where
internal communication is effective and supports library staff, their work, and the effective
functioning of the library as a whole.”


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