Dagens bibliotekslänk: Drönare för att hitta böcker på bibblan

I alla fall på universitetsbiblioteket vid  Universitat Jaume I i Spanien:
The UJI Aerial Librarian Robot: A Quadcopter for Visual Library Inventory and Book Localisation

”UAV can be used for library inspection leading to several advantages over human manual inspection such as saving time and cost, easy access to all bookshelves, reading several books per image, facilitating enhanced contextual awareness, and alerting to book misplacements in real-time.”

” In this paper, we present the UJI aerial librarian robot, an unmanned quadrotor drone—or quadcopter—that leverages computer vision techniques to autonomously self-localize and navigate within a library for automated inventory and book localization, identifying misplaced books. Our quadcopter robot has been tested in a real library with promising results.


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