Sommarläsning 5: A librarian in Galapagos

Edgardo Civallero är en bibliotekarie från Ecuador som jobbar som koordinator för biblioteket och arkivet vid Charles Darwin-stiftelsen på Galapagos. Här är hans berättelse:

”Being a librarian “in Galapagos and nearby” means that I have to know my community first. And when getting acquainted with that community (and its environment), I’ve got into contact with countless amazing, astonishing, funny stories. Most of them are collected in my diaries. And here I’ll share some. Because, as I said, that’s also part of a librarian’s job. The most human part of it, actually.”

Chapter I. The Encantadas

Chapter II. Books, turtles and a lot of cacti

Chapter III. Isolation, libraries and finches

Chapter IV. The sea that lulls the mangroves

Chapter V. About drizzles and droughts

Chapter VI. Conservation science, local community, and a library in Galapagos

Chapter VII. Little stories from a southern horizon (I)

Chapter VII. Galapagos’ travelling libraries


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