Dagens bibliotekslänk: Libraries4Future


1. Libraries are players for climate protection
We regard climate change as the most urgent societal and political challenge of our time. To protect the climate, libraries must address the resulting obligations and become actively engaged in the debate as significant players.

2. Everyone can and must act
We commit to making our work and activities climate-conscious and resource-efficient and call upon all library staff to do the same. We urge our superiors and encourage everyone active in practical library work, training, and research to incorporate awareness of responsible ecological sustainability into all everyday tasks.

3. Libraries are multipliersLibraries are spaces of education and information.
We campaign to make knowledge and information about climate change and its consequences clearly visible. In the face of climate-change denial, it is our task to get involved and provide facts, create educational opportunities, and serve as platforms for public discourse.

4. Libraries strengthen social cohesion
The implementation of climate protection and ecological sustainability can only be successful if, in terms of the UN’s 2030 agenda, no one is left behind. In that spirit, we would like to contribute to the process whereby libraries evolve more and more into spaces for democracy, for the stimulation of societal debate, and for strengthening social cohesion – for the sake of a liveable future for all people on the planet. We want equality and non-discrimination to be guiding principles for social interaction in libraries.

5. Politicians must take action
Together with “Fridays for Future”, we call upon holders of political office all over the world to commit to appropriate action to tackle the climate crisis.

(Tack till Petra som tipsade)




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