Dagens bibliotekslänk: 6 Principles of Innovation for Libraries

Jane Cowell: 6 Principles of Innovation for Libraries

”Often library innovation has been around automating staff tasks rather than rethinking our service offer with consideration of current community behaviour, both online and in the physical space.”

”It is also important to be honest that the first time trying something may not be a success. Do not apologise. Build in failure as learning into the project.”

”Innovation Should Bring Delight: Above all innovation should bring some delight. Whether through the fun built into the project, or through the sense of community ownership and enablement in developing the solution, delight should be an emotion felt. Do not mistake delight for ‘cool’ as we can get hijacked by the latest sexy technology tool that does not actually solve a problem. The latest tech tool can be fun to play with but do not get trapped into thinking it can be an innovative solution”


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