Skanna böcker med mobilen!

Ett smart, billigt och funktionellt sätt att digitalisera tryckta böcker med hjälp av din smarta telefon och bluetooth.

Construction requires parts mostly found at local hardware stores supplemented with a few ready made, inexpensive parts available on Amazon/Ebay and an absolute minimal amount of handiwork (just drilling 4 pairs of holes and 6 cuts with a hacksaw) with just a few basic hand tools (hand drill, hack-saw, file, vice or clamp, square, wire cutters, adjustable wrenches, etc.). Total cost is approx $120-$170 depending on optional items also incorporated.

  • Uses smart-phones with a blue-tooth remote shutter trigger.
  • Flattens pages so the full content (even text close to the spine) is imaged without text curvature for accurate OCR.
  • Scans paperbacks nearly as fast as hardbacks, with as good quality and without forcing the spine wide open to avoid damaging or creasing the spine.
  • Scans books up to 13″ x 10″ (i.e. all normal sized books and many oversized books).
  • Knock down, compact and portable enough to carry on a bus use unobtrusively in libraries, clamped to the end of a small table.
  • Solid with no finicky parts needing constant attention, adjusting and fiddling during operation.

Mer info, ritningar och grejer kan du hitta här.

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