Read the book – Drink the booze / Läs boken – drick spriten! Om litterära drinkar

UK indie author Robert Rankine has investigated what kind of alcoholic beverages and drinks are presented in the world literature. He has made a series of YouTube videos.

Orkar du hålla tempot med Hemingway? Författaren Robert Rankine med bloggen Drinking Thinking Plainly har undersökt vad folk dricker för alkoholhaltiga drycker i världslitteraturen. Inte nog med det, han har bjudit sin bartenderkompis Ruari från Londonrestaurangen The Bonneville att göra i ordning drinkarna. Så vill ni ha ett nytt koncept för festen varsågoda:

Charles Dickens: Dombey & Son (Madeira) Stephen King: The Shining (Gin) J. D. Salinger: Räddaren i nöden (Rom) Kingsley Amis: Lyckliga Jim (Metanol) Det lär komma fler filmer för den törstige.

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    1. Hello Kajsa, yes, you are quite right! I didn’t plan the order too much as I was keen to make sure I just got on with it but I have some video plans for Iris Murdoch, Helen Fielding, Lynne Reid Banks and more that I am still finalising. The next video will be a woman I promise! I would love to research more authors from other countries as well so if you have any recommendations for Swedish writers, Scandinavian and Nordic writers in general, or any non-British and non-American then please let me know! If you have any ideas please feel free to email me at or connect with me on mu social media sites ( It’s just a ‘for fun’ project but I want to do the best I can. Have a great weekend 🙂

  1. Thank you very much for sharing Peter 🙂 It is a fun side project for me that I hope people will find interesting… and of course, enjoy making the drinks at home 😉 I have a few projects that are taking a bit of time to get going so sorry there are not more videos and that they are only once a month, I will get more out soon. Have a great weekend!


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