Knight Foundation delar ut 3 miljoner USD till biblioteksutveckling

22 innovativa internationella biblioteksprojekt får dela på 3 miljoner dollar (runt 25 mkr) från Knight Foundation. Några är utvecklingar av välkända koncept som Internet Archive, andra helt nya.

Online Learning @ The Public Library fromPeer 2 Peer University: Making open online courses easier to access and complete for diverse members of the community by organizing in-person study groups for patrons in Chicago Public Library branch libraries.

Culture in Transit from Metropolitan New York Library Council: Helping more communities share their histories online by creating a mobile kit that will scan and digitize print materials for public archiving in partnership with Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Library.

The Internet Archive: Helping people create and share global collections of cultural treasures on the Internet Archive, one of the world’s largest public libraries.

The Library Freedom Project: Providing librarians and their patrons with tools and information to better understand their digital rights by scaling a series of privacy workshops for librarians.

Library for All: Digital Library for the Developing World: Making educational content available at libraries and schools across the developing world through a digital platform designed specifically for low-bandwidth environments.

Measure the Future from Evenly Distributed: Helping libraries better manage one of their greatest assets – the building itself – by using open hardware to track data about its public spaces.

Open Data to Open Knowledge from City of Boston: Turning Boston’s open data collection into an accessible resource by working with Boston Public Library to catalog it and introduce it to the public.

Space/Time Directory from the New York Public Library: Working with local communities and technologists to turn historical maps and other library collections into an interactive directory for the exploration of New York across time periods.

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