As libraries become cultural hubs, TEDx events bring the community in

TEDxDitt bibliotek = Folbildning 2.0!

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Koprivnica The attendees of TEDxKoprivnicaLibrary in Croatia smile for the camera. Photo: Courtesy of TEDxKoprivnicaLibrary

When architect Joshua Prince-Ramus redesigned the Seattle Central Library, he and his team didn’t try to pinpoint the future of libraries or books. Instead, they rooted their blueprints in two foundational ideas: books are a form of technology, and the library is a social hub, as much as it is a house for media. Prince-Ramus didn’t know it then, but he had the right instinct. Eight years later, libraries around the world are adapting to a digital world by embracing their identity as a center for a community. One way they’re anchoring their new identity: by organizing TEDx events. 

There are three public libraries in Juneau, Alaska: a haven in the middle of a shopping center, an outpost housed with the local fire department, and a main branch atop a parking garage overlooking the…

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