e-lending bara e-lände? Review of Public Library E-Lending Models

Holländska och belgiska biblioteksorganisationer har precis släppt en rapport som analyserar modeller för hur folkbibliotek lånar ut e-böcker i olika länder, främst från Europa och USA: Review of Public Library E-Lending Models
Det svenska exemplet utgår från Stockholms Stadsbibliotekes Digitala bibliotek.

”This report supports and independently validates our efforts to deliver an e-lending model through which libraries can offer all e-book titles available to all interested patrons. There are now two potential roads ahead of us. One is to establish the right to lend e-books supported by new (international) legislation. The other route forward is to work in partnership with publishers to refine and develop existing e-lending models. Indeed, it can be argued that this last option remains of critical importance as even with the arrival of a recognised legal basis to underpin e-lending – cooperation with publishers will still be crucial in determining acceptable and viable licensing termsand conditions.”

Kostnad per lån – Svenska e-böcker dyrast:

”Based on the information available six of the European models in this report can be ranked
according to average cost per loan. The Dutch Digital Library in the Netherlands comes in with the
lowest nominal cost per loan of €0.72. Second is Estonia’s ELLU platform with a cost of €1.02 per
loan, followed by Bibnet in Flanders with an average cost of €1.20 per loan. Denmark’s eReolen
platform has an average cost per loan of €1.72, eReading.cz in the Czech Republic comes in at €1.85,
while Stockholm Public Library has the highest cost per loan estimated to be around €2.18.”


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