Mer om sociala medier på bibliotek

Den engelska förlagsgruppen Taylor & Francis Group har gjort en rapport om bibliotekens samtida praktiker och framtida möjligheter när det gäller användningen av sociala medier. Rapporten heter Use of social media by the library : current practices and future opportunities.

Från sammanfattningen:
”Facebook and Twitter remain the most popular channels currently, but the range of channels being used is expanding rapidly; there is a particular acceleration of interest in visual channels such as YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat”

”…objectives, with most focused on promotion (visibility for and usage of the library service and resources). However, broadcast/informational communications are increasingly being supplemented with two-way communications designed to solicit feedback (e.g. for collection development), offer real-time customer service and build engagement with users. Social media is also increasingly being seen as a collection management tool, offering flexible ways to present resources.”

”The main opportunities associated with libraries using social media are seen to be related to its low cost,
its ability to take the library service to users in their preferred spaces, the opportunity to build a sense of
community between the library and its users,”


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