Geocaching på bibliotek?

Varför inte? Blir resultatet av Geocaching på bibliotek ett ökat intresse för läsning av bra böcker, så visst!

”…reading and geocaching are all about discovering worlds that may not be apparent to other people. In geocaching, people who don’t cache are even referred to as “muggles” since they are unaware of the hidden world all around them.” skriver Natalie Meyer på Book Riot.

”Books and authors are well-represented in the geocaching world. You can find ones about Harry Potter, banned books, and even Dr. Seuss. There are caches encouraging you to exchange one used book for another. There are caches near bookish statues. There are likely caches related to a lot of your favorite authors (Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou). You can also find recommended reading lists

Kanske något för biblioteksturisten i England?

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